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I had originally envisioned HTTP Chat to not be a chat service but rather an application to be downloaded, installed and run on other machines. I do realize however that not all people want to go through the hassle of doing this or they just don't have the resources. So I have went ahead and set up an instance of HTTP Chat on one of my own servers for people to either use or to just try out.

I have my own account on the server (bcnewman) and will be logged in every once in a while (mostly in the evenings) so if you want to chat about anything just add me to your contacts list. Enjoy... ~brian
HTTP Chat Demo Server

HTTP Chat - A Web Based Chat Application

Do you work for a company that doesn't allow Instant Messaging because it's a 'security risk'? Are you tired of being put down by 'The Man'? Are you sick of paying two dollars or more for a gallon of gasoline? If you answered yes to one (or more) of the these questions then HTTP Chat might just be what your looking for.

What is HTTP Chat?

As stated above, HTTP Chat is a web based chat application. Unlike other web based chat applications which attempt to emulate a chat applications interface with HTML or (God forbid) a clunky Java applet, HTTP Chat's interface is a native GUI application that people are familiar with.

Why Use HTTP Chat?

I'll tell you why I wrote (and use) HTTP Chat. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and when I received an email one morning from the system administrator letting me know that Instant Messaging was not allowed and that I needed to remove Yahoo Messenger that immediately created a huge necessity. I think we can all agree that man was not meant to go through an entire day without engaging in mindless chit chat with friends. We are only human after all. So I began searching for a web based alternative and came across a bunch of systems with interfaces that either left a lot to be desired or required Java. So I decided to abandon my search and build one myself. My friends and I have been using HTTP Chat in one form or another for more than a year now and it works quite well.

Some other cool stuff

The HTTP Chat server comes with the following Flash based tutorials that your users can follow if they need help. I've posted them here to give you a peek at the HTTP Chat system in action.

  1. Demo: Registering and account
  2. Demo: Setting up the Contacts List
  3. Demo: Downloading and running the client

Additionally I've included two unedited tutorials demonstrating how to install the HTTP Chat server and how to customize the client, respectively. I hope to edit these soon and add some additional commentary to them. Enjoy! ~brian

  1. Installing the server
  2. Configuring and customizing the client